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NCCATA ANNUAL MEETING - NCCATA held its annual meeting in Cleveland, OH February 23, 2019. Part of the day was spent with the board of the National Organization for Arts and Health (NOAH).  Click here to review a joint report of the meeting.
National Report for Arts and Health in the Military - NCCATA participated in this meeting held November 29-30, 2016. Read the report of this landmark meeting here.
NCCATA is Represented at the Joint Commission on New Behavioral Health Professional and Technical Advisory Committee
NORLYN ASPREC (at left) is a member of American Dance Therapy Association and volunteers as the NCCATA representative to the Joint Commission Professional and Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC) on Behavioral Health.

On the March 2, 2015 conference call eating disorders and the draft requirements for a multidisciplinary team used to treat patients diagnosed with an eating disorder were discussed. Below are comments regarding the multidisciplinary team. A PTAC member suggested that occupational therapy (OT) should be added to the multidisciplinary team, because if their specialty is not listed they could be left out. In other words, the list should not create a barrier to those not listed from becoming a part of the team.  They indicated that from their experience agencies use standards as a way to dictate who is consulted. 


If the Joint Commission decides to make a list, then they should add those disciplines to the list. Another PTAC member commented that the composition of the multidisciplinary team should be dictated by the level of care needed. Another PTAC member suggested having a basic list of core members but add a second list with possibility of other members. 


Lastly, another PTAC member stated that the standards should go in a different direction and focus on the minimum required components of a good eating disorder program. The standards should state that the organization needs to provide appropriate staff to address each of those required components. Other PTAC members concur that it is a good idea to focus on core clinical components.


The creative arts therapies was suggested for the multi-disciplinary team and that a broad category could be created to cover all these modalities. It is important that patient assessment occurs and incorporating the therapy into treatment is based on the needs of the individual served.

. For previous reports, click here.


Jan. 2015 -- NCCATA Represents Member Associations at the American Association of State Counseling Boards 2013 2014, 2015


NCCATA was represented at the 28th Annual Conference of the American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) in Savannah, Georgia on January 7-9, 2015 by Dr. Charne Furcron, BC-DMT. A dance/movement therapist, Dr. Furcron is the Director of Outreach Programs for Moving in the Spirit, in Atlanta, GA.


She attended the entire conference and in addition, presented “Whatever Happened to ‘Protect the Public’ Licensure for Competency, not Professional Identity,” a workshop on creative arts therapies. The presentation utilized creative arts therapies to emphasize the current trends at AASCB with licensure that have addressed counselor identity and training rather than client protection. The workshop was well attended and well received. The PowerPoint slides of the presentation are posted on the AASCB website ( or click here and can be accessed by anyone who is interested. NCCATA hopes that AASCB and licensure boards continue the dialogue about how different disciplines can effectively work together to provide the public with greater access to psychotherapists who are prepared academically, properly trained and systematically governed by state and national regulatory bodies.


NCCATA also represented member associations at the Annual Meeting of AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF STATE COUNSELING BOARDS (AASCB) in 2013 and 2014.

Dr. Furcron is pictured at the left.



NCCATA at the Expressive Therapies Summit, NYC 

           NCCATA informational flyer


Nov. 8, 2014 - NCCATA representatives RANDY MULDER (NCCATA Treasurer) and NANCY SCHERLONG (NAPT representative to NCCATA) hosted a Lunch & Learn event at the Summitt. Many people joined them to learn about the legacy of NCCATA and what NCCATA  is doing now to support CATs.



2013 NCCATA Panel - Research in the Creative Arts Therapies: Purposes & Possibilities

ADTA --- Sherry Goodill, PhD, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC
NADTA - Nisha Sajnani, PhD, RDT-BCT
AATA --- Yasmine Awais, PhD, ATR-BC
AMTA --  Kathleen M. Murphy, PhD, LPC, LCAT, MT-BC

ASGPP - Heidi Landis, RDT-BCT, LCAT, TEP

NAPT --- Nancy Scherlong, LCSW, PT,R, M/S


Since its inception in 1979, the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations (NCCATA) has worked to address its mission, "To further the creative arts therapies through facilitation of collaborative advocacy, research and education." The focus on research as a major element of both advocacy and education has recently taken on new importance, and challenges all creative arts therapists. Some of the questions NCCATA member associations face include: What evidence is established? What specific areas require more research? How can members be empowered to use the research for advocacy? Representatives from NCCATA member associations will address these questions and others. Participants will be able to: (1) name 2 reasons why research is important in the creative arts therapies; (2) identify 3 examples of how research has generated evidence for the effectiveness or efficacy of creative arts therapies; and (3) articulate the need for research advocacy and at least one strategy of advocacy.

U.S. Conference of Mayors Adopt Resolutions Supporting Creative Arts Therapies


At their annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 21 to 24, 2013, the U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted resolutions supporting Creative Arts Therapies in two different resolutions: Arts and Healing  (Resolution 6), and Arts & Health in the Military (Resolution 84). Both resolutions were presented by Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans, and were adopted by the entire group gathered.  Quoting from the resolutions: “The United States Conference of Mayors acknowledges the benefits of incorporating creative arts therapies into all forms of health care as a method to improve the quality and experience of health care delivery and to lower costs” and regarding the military, “urges Congress to designate funding to Department of Defense, TRICARE, and Veterans Affairs for Demonstration Projects for veterans and active military, increasing access to cost-effective creative arts services in healthcare treatment and programming for all military service men and women, veterans, their families and caregivers, in communities across the country.” For excerpts of the full report go to our homepage and click on the link located there

The Military and Arts Therapies

Dr. Sherry Goodill, President of American Dance Therapy Association (first on left in photo), represented NCCATA and its member organizations 4/10/13 at the 2nd NATIONAL SUMMIT: ARTS, HEALTH, AND WELL-BEING ACROSS THE MILITARY CONTINUUM. This was an event that was by invitation only for military personnel across all branches and held at WALTER REED NATIONAL MILITARY MEDICAL CENTER. NCCATA was specifically invited to present on the education and training of Creative Arts Therapists. We hope to have an in-depth report on this Summit soon. Donna Betts, art therapist and former NCCATA Virtual Assistant took the photo featured here.

Ronna presenting.jpg

L-R: Heidi Landis, Sherry Goodill, Nisha Sajnani, Nancy Scherlong, Kathleen Murphy, Yasmine Awais

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