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How does NCCATA operate?


NCCATA holds quarterly meetings attended by representatives from each organization to share information and encourage collaboration on issues of joint interest such as governmental affairs, public relations and other projects. The working group of NCCATA consists of the Chair,Chair-Elect,Treasurer, and Communications Coordinator. Each member organization has one vote and pays annual dues.

How can one join NCCATA?


NCCATA is a coalition and therefore it does not have individual members, rather it has membership organizations.


Does NCCATA have state chapters?


No. Coalitions in the states have developed independently. In states where there are Coalitions, they work on projects such as gaining legislative recognition, educating the public and other providers about creative arts therapy services, hold joint conferences, and work together to maximize resources.

What are the training and certification requirements for creative arts therapists?

Each creative arts therapist specialty has its own clinical training and certification requirements. Here is a table which you can use to see each specialty's requirements.


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